Round the Island Race and Mersea Week

Tollesbury has done its bit to support Mersea Week this year, with three boats in the medium handicap series racing: Andy & Ian Beharrell, George Rogers & Dan Spindler and Rob & Annabel Laurie, all in GP14s. Greg Dunn leads the Classics and Gaffers in Black Diamond. Sunbeam and Charlotte Ellen fly the flag for Tollesbury in the Smacks races. Apologies to anyone I’ve missed out. The best numbers came from the seven TSC boats in the Round the Island Race. Everyone timed it fairly well to the Strood, despite very light winds on the start line (I went backwards!) and for the run up to Stone Point. Once round the corner, dark clouds brought a freshening breeze to the beat up the Pyefleet, making it fast and wet. The Strood crew of Nicky Rogers; Nick & Val Lynn; Amanda & Sarah Alewijnse; Kevin,  Sarah, Austin & Harriet Barber and Sonia & (I don’t do boats) Alice Pettican did a super job. Many of us managed to float over the Strood, albeit with a bit of a tug and scrape. All of the Tollesbury boats except George Barber opted to go round to port.


Positions and elapsed times were:

Andy & Ian Beharrell 5th – 02:36:56 (GP14)

Roger Palmer & Hazel Schofield  6th – 02:37:09 (GP14)

George Rogers & Charlotte Todd 7th – 02:37:26 (GP14)

Will Porter & Dan Spindler 18th – 02:48:00 (GP14 – great result …. :-))

Rik Alewijnse & Keith Muncey 41st – 02:58:56 (GP14)

George Barber 82nd – 03:11:08 (Laser)

John & Louise Pettican 101st – 03:44:49 (Puffin Pacer)


Very well done, everyone!