Wreck at the Nass

A 55ft ex-naval pinnace called the Crebe has sunk close to the Nass beacon. The boat was secured to one of the yellow WMYC mooring buoys at the time and is thought to still be attached to the buoy. It is thought that the wreck has slid into a hole near the Nass and has at least 2.1m covering it as LWS. The wreck is in position:

Latitude 51º 45′.876N., Longitude 000º 54′.855E.

See the chart on the Dabchicks Sailing Club website for more details.

The Crossing the Thames Estuary website gives the following information:

The wreck which lies sunk in the position defined above has been marked by means of an emergency wreck marking lighted buoy, as follows:-

Position : 015° 30 metres from the wreck.
Characteristics : Pillar: Blue & Yellow Vertical Stripes: Yellow Upright Cross Topmark: Alternating blue and yellow flashing light, where the blue and yellow 1 second flashes are alternated with an interval of 0.5 seconds.

The word WRECK will be exhibited Black on Yellow.

Mariners are advised to give the wreck and buoy by which it is marked a wide berth.