Old Gaffers weekend

We welcomed 15 OGA entrants to the club over this weekend and all had a great day on the water with a good breeze.

TSC’s Richard Ham and Nick Lynn won the ‘Hotshots class sailing against Dirty Girty, a ketch with carbon fibre masts and laminate spritsails and ‘Fyre’ a stunning gaff rigged 505 dinghy with carbon spars.

The old gaffers class was won by ‘Neva’ sailed by Rory Howlett. TSC members Alison and Julian Cable came home in 10th place. Sadly, Clive Church, sailing ‘Bonnie’, had to retire due to a broken rudder.

Full Race results, no boat handicaps applied

1) Neva, Rory Howlett
2) Happy Days, Pete and Clare Thomas
3) Summer, (5 min time penalty for collision and no penalty turns performed), John Owles +crew
4) Frolic, Judy Harrison (+ dog)
5) AWOL, (2 minutes time penalty due to missing a mark), Clive Robertson
6) Ripple, Jo and Anna Masters
7) ELG, Nigel Bishop
8) Papa Stour, Pete and Sarah Elliston
9) Fox Club, Melvyn Fox + crew
10) Tiki, Julian and Alison Cable
11) Frog, (5 min time penalty for collision and no penalty turns performed) Andrew Osborne

Bonnie, Clive Church, rtd. Broken Rudder
Windfall, , Yvonne Mitchell, rtd
Poppy, Claudia Myatt DNS

4 boats raced in a separate “Hotshot” class over a longer course. These boats are not eligible for the points series.

1) GP13958, Richard and Nick Lynn, Tollesbury
2) Fyre, a lug rigged 505. Mark Butler + Will Thomas
3) Dirty Girty, Ed Roberts and James

GP14 crewed by Jo, Rob, and Rik rtd

Prizes awarded

Kings Head Trophy and glass, Neva
Happy Days, Mug

Summer (1st not Smacks Boat) glass

GP13958 1st Hotshot, Mug

Seamanship award, Melvyn Fox for general boat handling under sail, recommended by safety boat
Concours d’Elegance, and glass. Fyre