Sail away the post-Christmas blues

Though the planned Frostbite race was postponed after Christmas, George Rogers nevertheless managed a post-Christmas sail and using a stand-up paddleboard app tracked the sail across to Mersea. The track images are shown below. George commented:

Armed with a an App being developed for building up a database of route and useful information for SUPs we hoisted the kite off the hard and planed most of the way down the south channel and into the West Mersea hard. The track is interesting showing where we luffed to put the rudder down and to avoid moored boats etc. Our average speed was 8.9km/hr (max 23.8 – it was initially quite windy) and it took under 36 mins, as we spent some time mooring up and lowering sails before turning it off (there was clearly too much movement for it to automatically switch off).

After hot choc at the posh cafe we hoisted the sails and set off back with a fleet of racing gun punts with Oppy sails, and several other dinghies and SUPs. The wind was dropping and our return speed was lower upwind (8.3km/hr max 14.9) This is clearly speed over the ground as distance out was 5.45km while back it was 5.8km. The track is interesting as it shows our tacking angles and the effect on speed of the waves as we left Mersea Quarters.

image1 image2

Return trip