Do you know this boat?

From Lisa Graves

I am trying to trace the history of our Norwegian built 15ft grp faering style gaff rigged day boat which was kept at Tollesbury until about two years ago. There are some photos below.

She was sold by Woodrolfe Brokerage, who remember the boat well but do not know who owned her.

I have managed to trace, and been in correspondence with, one of her former owners who kept her on the Deben and sold her to the gentleman who kept her at Tollesbury. I believe that he became poorly and therefore Tern was sold.

I would be very grateful if you might be able to help, or if anybody in your club might remember Tern as she is quite distinctive.

So far I have been able to establish from the son of the founder of Saga boats that she was originally built by Saga in Selje, Norway before 1982 as a rowing / fishing boat, and that at some later point she was converted to sail. She originally came with very long, spoon shaped oars which were with the boat when she was sold to the gentleman who kept her at Tollesbury, but are no longer with Tern. These were the original oars before she was converted to sail.

I am also trying to establish which boat yard might have converted as I have been told that there are two more at Heybridge Basin but I do not know if these are original or converted to sail.

If anyone knows anything further, please pass details through to Ron Laurie (