Take care sailing around Osea

If any members are planning a sail round Osea Island in the near future, they may want to take care crossing the Osea Causeway. In what was thought initially to be a case of fly tipping, 450 tons of rubble has been dropped on the causeway. See the East Coast Sailing website for pictures. A Notice to Mariners has been issued by Maldon District Council.

It has now emerged that the rubble was apparently dumped or rather delivered by contractors working for the owner of Osea to try to restore the causeway. However, this had been done without any permissions from the relevant authorities and so Maldon District Council have said:

” … the work is un-authorised and illegal and it is now working alongside the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Marine Management Organisation to investigate.

There is an excellent article with pictures on the Creeksailor blog. The rubble will apparently be reduced down to the previous level so that the causeway is no higher, but members would be well advised to take care in the meantime.