Ted Heard Cup

Start: 13:00hrs at the Nass Beacon

HW West Mersea is 12:59.

Committee Boat is ‘Queos’ pronounced ‘Chaos’ but don’t expect any sound signals or Flags!

VHF Race Working Channel will be Channel 17. The Committee boat will try to remember to announce times and start by VHF, but the race officer may be a bit busy sailing etc.

Start: Between Nass beacon and the outer Limit Mark (the middle one!) at 13:00 by GPS clock.

Starting sequence is 10 min, 5min, Go. Engines off at the ‘virtual’ 5 minute gun.

Course: ‘Leave Essex to port’. Also leave the Bench Head and Stone Banks buoys to port.

Finish Line is a Transit on Harwich Breakwater.

Take your own finishing times. (as it is unlikely that the Committee boat will get there first). It is your responsibility to ensure that the race officer knows you are racing and to submit your  finish time by Saturday evening.

Saturday Night we are expecting to join our Friends from TCC and Maldon Little Ship Club in Shotley Marina.

Traditionally the Mayell Cup is raced on the return from Harwich. This race will be run on the Sunday or Monday (your choice).  Start time: You Choose! Start Line: Transit on Harwich Breakwater. Course: Essex to Starboard: Finish Line: Nass Beacon and Outer Limit Mark:

Choose and record your own start time to suit your own boat’s performance etc and submit together with your finishing time, by Wednesday 8th May.