Kings Head Cup

Always a good race, the light winds made for a challenging sail and gave the smaller boats an advantage, as the larger ones could not get anywhere near their potential hull speeds. The tide did most of the work for them with the tide turning just as the leading boats reached the top of Osea Island. The race was shortened to finish at Thirstlet Spit to give time for the committee boat to get back to the marina, eventually crossing the sill with only two feet of water remaining, sadly too late to enjoy the free beer provided for the Smack and Classics entrants.

The very light wind’s suggested that the race could not be finished so we took the times of everyone who passed the Thirstlet Spit Buoy on their way up to Osea. The corrected race positions at that early point in the race  were. 1. New Tricks, 2 Good Rum, 3. Capricorn, 4 Greygoose, 5 Speedwell, 6 Fettler, 7 Polo IV, 8 Wavedancer, 9 Starfire.

However, five boats did do the whole course and finished the race.

The final positions were 1st New Tricks (20′) 2nd Capricorn (25′) 3rd Polo IV (29′) 4th Speedwell (36′) 5th Good Rum (36’10”). All the finishers were members of both TCC and TSC.

My thanks for Philippa for her assistance on the committee boat and to the crews of all the 10 boats that entered.