Buyer beware …

From the Dinghy Captain:

As the new season approaches, many people are considering buying a boat. Andy Hoben, for example, now has a nice Duffin Series 2 GP14. So I thought I had better pass on the following advice, courtesy of the GP14 builders’ forum:

Common phrases you will find in wooden boat adverts, with translations.

may need a varnish next season” – warning this boat is rotten through and through.
still competitive at club level” – does OK in the Thursday night personal handicap starting at minus 10.
Won the nationals when new” – was last competitive in 1972.
comes with good sail for club racing and an old sail for cruising” – a totally worn out sail and one worse than that (and a new sail costs more than the boat).
selling due to injury” – I did my back in getting it out of the water because it’s SO heavy.
in good condition” – I’ve slapped on some plastic padding and B&Q paint in the hope that some sucker will buy it.
stored undercover in the winter” – kept under a tree at the club.
needs TLC” – too wet to burn
reluctant sale” – yeah, right!